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    your life - and how to make it happen.

    The right conversation at the right time with the right people is important for your career and your organisation.

    Leonie can help you make those right conversations happen. Call 0412 595 991 to discuss your next conversations.

    Your Conversations

    Will becoming clearer about what you want in your work and life really help make it happen? Absolutely!


    Creating the career and life you want isn't always easy.


    Whether you are a detailed planner or someone who prefers to wait and see what opportunities come up, tuning in to what you really want is a critical step forward to making it a reality.


    It starts with a conversation so phone Leonie on 0412 595 991 or email leonie@leoniestanfield.com


    Their Conversations

    Do you work with people stuck in their career problems? There is a solution.


    Whether you are involved in counselling, coaching, or training and advising others, choosing to help them focus on the outcomes they want will get results.


    Talk to Leonie about the resources that will get them taking action.


    Team Conversations

    Are your team members as productive and enthusiastic as you would like them to be? You can make a difference.


    Whether you want to maximise the potential of your team members, boost performance or develop them for a new role, it's time to shift the focus from problems to outcomes and generate the results that both you and they want.


    Leonie can customise coaching and training solutions for you and your team.

  • About Leonie

    Conversations that Matter

    Leonie Stanfield

    What's your career story?

    If you meet me socially there's a good chance the conversation will quickly move to how you ended up doing the work you are doing. And that's because I find everyone's career story fascinating. Even though I have been working with people on their career and personal goals for nearly 30 years, everyone's experiences are unique.


    My own diverse career has included counselling and coaching roles, training design and delivery, project, event and communications management, and business and team leadership, particularly with not for profits and associations.


    I have a Masters Degree in Career Development, a Bachelor of Social Work, a Graduate Certificate in Online Learning, and workplace training qualifications that provide a solid foundation for my coaching and training with individuals and organisations.





    The work that motivates me

    The work that motivates me is helping people become clearer about what they want in their lives and their careers, and then helping them move towards that.


    I have helped people at all stages of their careers - getting started, progressing and changing direction. I have also trained and equipped those who assist others in career development.


    My distinctive approach uses Clean Language and

    Symbolic Modelling, directing attention to where it needs to be so that it is easier for you to take effective action.


    The training and coaching I provide is tailored to meet individual and organisational needs and shifts the focus from problems to outcomes, unlocking the solutions that will help you get what you want.

  • Results

    Career Coaching

    Thanks to a wonderful career coach

    It's been an interesting but good experience putting myself out there in the employment marketplace. Thanks to a wonderful career coach / counsellor who has mentored me through the process and helped me to really see myself, my strengths and my limitations, and to make good and wise choices.

    I recommend Leonie's professional services to anyone who may need direction in their career path.




    An open and balanced perspective

    Leonie brings such an open and balanced perspective, really helping you to explore concepts deeply and make the most of opportunities to challenge yourself. My course would not have been the same without her unique ability to create an atmosphere of calm reflection. The skills, tools and strategies I took away from my experience have contributed greatly to the incredible quality of life I now have.




    I highly recommend Leonie's work

    It has been a pleasure working with Leonie at the Reinvent Your Career Expo over the past few years. She is professional, well organised, client orientated, with a strong work ethic. I have also worked with her on resume writing projects and she has outstanding written and verbal communication skills. I have complete trust and respect for Leonie's work, the quality is impeccable.


    Leonie Lam - Career Advisor | HR Consultant - www.myfocus.com.au

    Today's Skills: Tomorrow's Leaders

    Training, Coaching & Facilitation

    For over a decade I have co-facilitated the innovative "Today's Skills: Tomorrow's Leaders" week long residential program at the Australian Institute of Sport with Leonie. She is an excellent trainer with a depth of knowledge and experience in training, facilitation and coaching.


    Ian Hutchinson

    CEO, Life by Design

    National Speakers of Australia 2012 Educator of Year Award winner

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    Now is a great time to discuss what you would like to have happen next and how I can help.

    Call me on 0412 595 991 or email leonie@leoniestanfield.com